SVT Nyheter


Logotype collection


Agency / F&B Happy
Design Director / Anton Nordstierna
Motion Design Director / Christian Carlsson

This project was made by Louise as an employee at F&B Happy.

SVT is the Swedish national public television broadcaster. F&B Happy was assigned the task to bring SVT together under a single visual umbrella. The new identity unites all platforms and formats while giving each one room to express itself. The slash, an eye-catching element within the logo, serves a number of purposes. Its chief objective is to eliminate the need for sub-brands, but it also lends itself to fresh visual expression and novel ways to communicate. When animated, the logo opens and closes like a curtain.

Morgonstudion is a morning news program and a part of the new visual identity of SVT. Louise worked with the channel graphics and made the logotype. The logotype is built on SVT’s own typeface Publik, which is a sans serif. To give stability and dignity to the logotype slab serifs were added, which are carefully hand-drawn. The serifs together with individual modifications of each letter make it a well-balanced, stable and trustworthy wordmark. The already existing news programs Rapport, Aktuellt and Lokala Nyheter were made the same way as Morgonstudion to create a unified visual expression of all news programs. 


Channel graphics

Morgonstudion intro







Andreas Lucaci
Creative Director

Richard Skärby
Design Director

Louise Jansson
Design Director